Supporting Local Police, Firefighters & First Responders

An annual tradition of our Rotary Club is to support our Police & Fire departments for their efforts in serving our local community. We attempt to honor one First Responder a quarter. We also provided our Local Vinings Fire House #6 a meal.

The first is Cobb County Police Officer Laura N Killingsworth who was selected by Cobb County Police Captain Scherer and Precinct Sgt Denson for her outstanding service in a drug and firearm bust during a routine traffic stop. The officer was honored at our regular luncheon meeting on 8/17/22. Donated restaurant gift certificates are presented to each recipient. The presentation was pictured in the local Brightside Newspaper.

On November 9th we honored Firefighter Epiphany Cooks from Vinings Station No. 6. Her Lieutenant chose her as one of his best. Firefighter Cooks was presented with a gift certificate for dinner at Canoe Restaurant.

On March 8th we honored Cobb County Police Officer Wells from Precinct #3 for saving a driver that drove into a lake during our frigid weather snap. Both were treated for hyperthermia and survived due to Officer Wells valiant efforts.

We will honor another Firefighter before the end of this year at 6/30/23.

Past President Steve Hughes heads this community service effort and solicits the gift certificates as donations from local restaurants, contacts the precincts heads for their recipient of the awards and presents them with our President at one of the regular luncheon meetings.

Partner Involvement
Local restaurants that donate dinner gift certificates for the first responder recipients.

Police Officer Honored

Officer Killingsworth Honored.PNG

Officer Killingsworth Honored.PNG

Supporting Local First Responders

Police Officer Nominated

Sgt Denson Nominating Officer Killingsworth.PNG

Sgt Denson Nominating Officer Killingsworth.PNG