Support for The Guatemala Literacy Project

The Guatemala Literacy Project is a 20-year partnership between Rotary clubs and districts and the nonprofit Cooperative for Education. This global grant provided textbooks, computer labs, teacher training, and scholarships to impoverished schools. The sustainable model requires families to pay a fee to rent the donated textbooks; schools use the money to buy new books More than 500 Rotary clubs have participated in the Guatemala Literacy Project over the past 20 years. Our club has participated in the project many times & this year we donated $2,000. On February 22nd, Emily Paver, Marketing & Outreach Mgr. for the Program’s fundraising partner, Cooperative for Education, was our meeting guest speaker. She showed us an elementary school book program that is a huge success. Students began writing their own stories & drawing pictures as a result of the influence of the colorful story books. Due to crime & gangs literacy is the lifeline for a better life for the Guatemala people.

Partner Involvement
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